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Optimizing Freeseer Controller GUI Design (Part 2)

Last time we looked at redesigning the Freeseer Controller Client and found some nice ways to improve the design to make it more usable and neater. Since then I’ve pushed some code up for review which

Optimizing Freeseer Controller GUI Design

Lately I’ve been looking into ways we can improve Freeseer’s GUI to make it more simple and less complex looking. My current attention is at the Freeseer Controller Client UI. Lets take a look at what

Mountain Lion / Gatekeeper selectively enforced?

I recently upgraded my Macbook to the new Mountain Lion with the intention to test the new Gatekeeper feature it provides to understand what it would take to provide packages that will work in the new

Reporting in Freeseer

Occasionally when doing a recording issues could occur such as the audio not working, video is not working or perhaps the presenter does not wish to be recorded. After a conference it is difficult for

Minor improvements to Freeseer

This week I made some minor additions to Freeseer closing some old bugs. Notable ones include the following: Auto-Selection of Talks Since Freeseer is able to store the date/time of each talk via the

Redesigned Recording options in Config Tool

Wanted to post a quick update on some Config Tool UI changes I’ve been working on in Freeseer experimental. The UI used to be a bit confusing where one would have to activate a plugin and then move to

Hello world!

Hello Internet. I’ve resisted the idea of blogging for a very long time but lately I’ve been wanting to give blogging a try. For my first post I want to briefly discuss some projects I’m involved in t