Technical Skills



Core to my automation toolbox, I write bash scripts to automate builds and release management processes.


I have been using Gerrit since 2008 for many Open Source projects. I also manage several Gerrit servers for several Open Source communities. Gerrit is a great tool for a code review first workflow to ensure developers review code before merging the work into the production system.


Git is my favourite version control system and have been using it extensively in Open Source projects since 2008. I am familair with using some of git’s more advanced features such as bisect, format-patch, submodule, and rebase.


Linux is my Operating System of choice and have been using it since 2003, my first year in University.


Nexus Repository


I have been writing software with Python since 2008. Initially for the Freeseer project while I was volunteering my time at FOSSLC.

Release Engineering


Jenkins Job Builder

I am an active maintainer of the Jenkins Job Builder (JJB) tool since 2015. I deploy this tool in all projects that use Jenkins CI to manage job configuration as code.

Travis CI

Technical Writing

I have been writing and maintaining technical documentation for Open Source projects since 2008 both as an individual contributor as well as part of a team of docs writers. Duties include:

  • Organizing and running docs team meetings

  • Reviewing documentation contributions

  • Writing technical documentation


I have bootstrapped and / or maintain several Sphinx based documentation projects for Organizations and Open Source projects. Sphinx has been a great asset in my docs toolbox for writing both API docs as well as End User documentation.

I have maintained documentation for Open Source projects such as: