Contributing to Eclipse Projects via Gerrit

Gerrit OverviewGerrit is a Web based code review system that is being deployed to projects at Eclipse. The service is available athttps://git.eclipse.org/r/ Creating and configuring your Gerrit accoun

Quick Tip - Razor Megalodon on Linux

I’ve been using a headset on my gaming computer for the longest time. The Razor Megalodon. It’s a USB Headset from Razor which works pretty well on Windows but unfortunately it does not seem to work o

Setting up Eclipse CDT for SDL2 development

This tutorial assumes you already have SDL2 installed. If your on Linux install it using your Distro’s package manager. On OpenSUSE you can find SDL2 in the Games repository, details can be found here

Optimizing Freeseer Controller GUI Design (Part 2)

Last time we looked at redesigning the Freeseer Controller Client and found some nice ways to improve the design to make it more usable and neater. Since then I’ve pushed some code up for review which

Optimizing Freeseer Controller GUI Design

Lately I’ve been looking into ways we can improve Freeseer’s GUI to make it more simple and less complex looking. My current attention is at the Freeseer Controller Client UI. Lets take a look at what

Mountain Lion / Gatekeeper selectively enforced?

I recently upgraded my Macbook to the new Mountain Lion with the intention to test the new Gatekeeper feature it provides to understand what it would take to provide packages that will work in the new

Reporting in Freeseer

Occasionally when doing a recording issues could occur such as the audio not working, video is not working or perhaps the presenter does not wish to be recorded. After a conference it is difficult for