Thanh Ha

Thanh Ha

DevOps Engineer


I am an open source developer specializing in DevOps best practices, release engineering, and workflow automation. I enjoy working on projects where my skills will have a meaningful impact and am not afraid of learning new skills and technologies.

I have helped projects small and large scale their build infrastructure supporting over 10k build jobs deployed to CI across multiple systems and projects in a global environment. I support engineering teams by optimizing and automating workflows so that developers can focus on what they do best. I support developers as a point of knowledge for technologies such as Git, CI systems, and tooling.

My DevOps journey began at the Eclipse Foundation where I lead an effort convert the Eclipse Platform’s outdated PDE build toolchain over to Maven. This was a massive effort that ultimately enabled engineering teams around the world to be able to successfully build the Eclipse Platform which until then was tribal knowledge to a handful of organizations. I helped roll out and support 100s of project’s build infrastructure through the initial implementation of the Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) utilizing Hudson CI and automated deployment processes to manage and bootstrap Hudson Instance Per Project (HIPP).

At the Linux Foundation, I helped the OpenDaylight (ODL) project roll out a CI build infrastructure to support the 100+ ODL sub-projects. We utilized tools like Jenkins Job Builder (JJB) to create job templates which were redeployable to ODL Java projects and managed through a centralized Git repository allowing new sub-projects to quickly bootstrap their code base. The infrastructure we build in ODL ultimately became the standard infrastructure environment that the Linux Foundation rolled out to later projects such as OPNFV, ONAP, O-RAN,, HyperLedger, ASWF, and many more….

In addition to infrastructure I lead the software development of Linux Foundation’s RELENG toolchain including lftools, common-packer, global-jjb, and common documentation efforts. These are reusable toolchains that the LF deploys to project infrastructure that are supported by the LF release engineering team. We focused on maintaining common best practices, reusability and regular releases to support downstream projects using these tools.

In my role at Lumina Networks I managed the internal CI infrastructure on AWS for the engineering team. I worked with engineering teams to plan and build out infrastructure to support product roadmaps such as support for BlackDuck and Kubernetes.


  • Open Source
  • Build Automation
  • DevOps
  • Technical Writing systems


  • Bachelor of Information Technology, 2009

    Carleton University

  • Bachelor of Information Technology, 2009

    Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology



Build & Release automation

Software Development

Linux, Git, Python

Technical Writing

Sphinx, Hugo



DevOps Engineer

Lumina Networks

Apr 2019 – Present California

Responsibilities include:

  • Automate and manage build & release processes
  • Contribute to upstream Open Source projects
  • Manage CI infrastructure services
  • Provide CI support for developers
  • Maintain infrastructure related documentation

Release Manager

The Linux Foundation

Sep 2014 – Mar 2019 California

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide software build support to Open Source projects at the LF
  • Project Lead for OpenDaylight and LF releng projects
  • Develop and maintain LF infrastructure tooling
  • Manage CI infrastructure services
  • Maintain documentation for OpenDaylight and LF releng projects

Release Engineer

Eclipse Foundation

Feb 2012 – Sep 2014 Ottawa

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide support for the Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI)
  • Provide support for the Eclipse Long Term Support (LTS) forge
  • Assist Eclipse projects with migrating builds to Maven/Tycho
  • Manage CI infrastructure services

Lead Developer


Feb 2008 – Jan 2015 Ottawa

Responsibilities include:

  • Lead Developer for Freeseer a presentation capture software used by FOSSLC to record presentations with a focus of making conference recording cheaper and easier
  • Mentor students from programs such as GSoC, UCOSP, and Facebook Open Academy with work on Freeseer.
  • Volunteer filming open source related conferences including FSOSS, PGCon, BSDCan, SotM2011, FOSS4G2011, FOSS4G2013, EclipseConNA2013, EclipseConEurope2012 as well as FOSSLC hosted events


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