Tracking Investments with You Need A Budget (YNAB)

While You Need A Budget (YNAB) isn’t really designed to track investments it can be useful to include your investment assets to track your net worth. The way I like to do this is by creating Tracking accounts for each of my investment accounts and then reconciling the account balance once a month to update the investment balance.

Writing a Great Commit Message

An often overlooked part of Git is the commit message. The usefulness of many of Git’s features rely on well structured commit messages. A commit message structure: Subject line in 50 chars or less Following a blank line after the subject line is the commit message body, containing a more detailed explaination of the change.

Contributing to Eclipse Projects via Gerrit

Gerrit is a Web based code review system that is available to projects at Eclipse. The service is located at Creating and configuring your Gerrit account Eclipse’s Gerrit instance does not know your account exists until you login for the first time.

Testing network performance with iperf

iperf is a handy tool to check network performance between 2 computers. You can install this tool using your distro’s package manager. There are 2 modes this tool runs in.

Steam Share Library With Linux

If you use Steam on Linux one of the annoying things I’ve found is that unlike on Windows, Steam for Linux installs to your $HOME directory. This means every user will have their own Steam installed and what’s more their own games installed.